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Paul Cannell Artwork

I don't know a lot of about Paul Cannell except that he created artwork for Primal Scream, The Telescopes, Manic Street Preachers and Heavenly records. If you have any more information please let me know. In the meanwhile, read the article below that I just found.

Paul Cannell's Toasted Cheese Sandwich Sculpture features a picture of Bobby Gillespie


"House artist" Paul Cannell: from 'Screamadelica' to Select/Creation tape cover...

Perched on the roof of Creation Records in glamorous Hackney is a rectangular glass-sided studio full of fag-ends, beer cans, easels and halffinished canvasses. And in the middle of this you can occasionally find Paul Cannell, Creation "house artist", fast-rising record sleeve legend (Primal Scream, Flowered Up, the Manics) and the man behind the brushes for the cover artwork on Select's Creation Tape. He's 28, he's deeply skint, never went to art school and started painting 'Just to get me out of a rut". He sort of stumbled into record sleeve work via a vague connection with Flowered Up "they were on the cover of a music paper without even having a record out. I thought: I want to be part of this!" - and "gave the Manics their sort of collage image" with the sleeve for 'You Love Us'.
spacer Then Bobby Gilliespie got in touch. Much taken with the 'Phobia' sleeve, he was looking for sleeve artwork for 'Higher Than The Sun'. "He wouldn't play me the record, just told me the title, which I thought was cool. We spent ages sectioning out the painting and figuring out what he wanted from it. He wanted it to be jazz. Abstract. He knows what he wants and he's very exact about getting it."
spacer Three now-famous sleeves were the result - for 'Screamadelica', 'Higher Than The Sun' and 'Don't Fight It Feel It'. So now Paul kind of feels he's scored one against The Art Establishment!
spacer "I was at the Royal Academy yesterday doing a photo session for a project with Ed Ball And The 'Times. Managed to nick an apple pie and cup of coffee from the canteen. I'm qulte proud of that, actually..."

Originally Appeared in April 1992 issue of Select Copyright © Select.
Picture: Alister Indge

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