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Deep Hit

Burned Out
Art Direction + Conception
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This animated sun (^^^ UP ABOVE) you may see floating around the web was done by me when i first launched this site almost 10 years ago. Please seek permission before using :)
Deep Hit and Burned Out images on this page by Jeff Birgbauer. Please seek permission before using :)

Original Sun Paintings/Logo by Paul Cannell Digital manipulation for this site by myself. The artwork on this site would not have been possible without the inspiration of Paul Cannell. I'd also like to thank Jamie Reid who designed the "If they move, kill 'em" cover whose stuka plane I also borrowed and then digitally manipulated (from the previous design of thbis site)

This site was created on a Apple Macintosh It was created with Macromedia Dreamweaver, BBedit, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Image Ready. Best viewed with Mozilla Firefox or Safari (Macs only)

A special thanks to
Alan McGee (for bringing The Scream to us) . And of course the Primal Scream themselves for all the beautiful music: Bobby Gillespie (Singer), Andrew Innes (Guitar), Robert "Throb" Young (Guitar), Martin Duffy (Keyboards), Gary "Mani" Mounfield (Bass), Darrin Mooney (Drums), Jim Hunt (Horns), Duncan Mackay (Horns), Kevin Shields (Guitar).Paul Cannell.

All articles and photographs copyright their respective creators. Grant Flemming etc. If you see you phograph on here and I have not given you a credit. please let me know. All other artwork (animated sun, background, etc etc.copyright Jeff Birgbauer

A special thanks to these people who have contributed to the site
Chris Parkhill, Alison Cumming, Trino Cecilia, Robin Turner, Robert Feugate, JK, Campbell Hayden, Hans Gylling, Anonymous, Michael Bonner, Chris Connolly, Ronan, Satoko, Mindgames, Loffe, Ajay Sawhney, Christopher Holt, Sanne Andersen.

Photo credits:
keco (http://smashingmag.com/tour/04tr/040322primalscream_ysmz1.html), nishioka (http://smashingmag.com/tour/02tr/021116primalphoto.html), PixelPar (http://www.pixelpar.com/news/primalscream.htm) Kevin Reynolds (http://www.kevinreynolds.co.uk)

If you have contributed to the site and I spaced in adding your name please let me know.


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