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Sonic Flower Groove
Primal Scream
Give Out But Don't Give Up
Vanishing Point
Evil Heat
Riot City Blues
Beautiful Future
Non-LP Tracks

Please let me know if you feel they aren't correct. Of course your help would be appreciated and i willl give you credit for your help

These lyrics are from the Japan releases which are transcribed by the record company (Sony Music Japan). They aren't always accurate accurate. Thanks to Alison Cumming helping me out with them and additional transcribing.
I've fixed most of the inaccuracies, except "Pills" will need some more work.

The Evil Heat lyrics are from the official site but did contain some inaccuracies. Thanks to Christopher Holt for additonal transcribing.

Thanks to the following people who've helped out with lyrics:
Alison Cumming (Additional transcribing), Marc McCourt (Tomorrow Ends Today, Star fruit rider x2, Gentle Tuesday), Hon (Medication), Jeff and Karen B (Additional transcribing, Exterminator, Evil Heat lyrics), Loffe (Exterminator), Alysoun Irlanda (Keep your Dreams), Chris Eckert (Kill all Hippies, Exterminator, Accelerator), MIchael Forbes (BTP), halvorr (Miss Lucifer), Chris H (Sity City, Skull X, Miss Lucifer, Rise, Autobahn 66), Moon Palace webmaster (Slip your skin). Christopher Holt (Evil Heat)

If anyone has lyrics for non-lp material, you can send it to me and i'll give you a credit for your help.

Last updated: April 2006


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