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sonic flower groove

Sonic Flower Groove

Gentle Tuesday

Shadow masking matters
Can't conceal the way you really feel
It doesn't fit our souls exist
That of the ... here

You wanna do for you
Sweet honey hips your lips
Hold spells when cast they dwell
Like magic in your kiss
Confusion colours cruel designs
Unhappy girl, you're out of time

Gentle Tuesday
Sad and lonely eyes
Gentle tuesday
See yourself tonight

Memories as bad as these
Possess a mass of poison ideas
A wooden kind of jigsaw mind
You were really born before your time

Happiness, nothing less
A universal way
Bad seeds but fruit are sweet
You choke on empty days
Confusion colours cruel designs
Unhappy girl you're out of time

Chorus (2x)

Treasure Trip

Your desires
That were realized the day
That you exchanged
The very core of yourself away
Till nothing more remained
Of your past life
As all of the friends around you
Fell one by one
As you made your way up the stairway

Everything you wanted to
Came true for you and your endeavor
Till it all came home to you
That it could never last forever

It's too late
Because yesterday has vanished
For all of time
But today and tomorrow
Welcome you and your decline
What a shame, who's to blame
For your state of being
Where are the friend you once had
Now you really need them


May the Sun Shine Bright for you

Everyday with the dawn
Or a beauty I... on
Here with you I'm where I belong
May the sun bright for you

Autumn, winter and spring
And the summer feeling within
Evergreen... he brings
May the sun shine bright for you

Though you take me inside
On a... carnival of delight
On our life rollercoaster we glide
May the sun shine bright for you
For you, for you, for you

Sonic Sister Love

How much do I love you
Well, I wish you'd never asked
For love is such a massive word
To contemplate our task

For I know that you'll never let me down
Oh I know that you'll never let me down

In this world where innocence
Is laughed at by the unkind
We lack the sense of wonder
Or a beauty... wine


I don't want to own you
I just want to be your friend
The best one that you'll ever have
It's true I can't pretend


You'll never let me down
You'll never let me down
Oh, never let me down
Oh, never let me down

Silent Spring

If all the birds have cursed the sky
A flaming fortress, hunting prey
A feathered bird...flower dies
The flowers die

My knife has turned on life itself
My skin is bathed in poison rain
A room right on an empty shelf
Empty shelf

All the time in the world
And you never changed a thing
All the time in the world
And you stood back and watched
The silent spring, silent spring

The hovering of every breath
A legacy of decay infests ...
Mother earth, Mother earth

Chorus (2x)

Silent spring (repeat)


Being blind or build a shrine
... takes away without your town
With chains you're bound
The best died last the looking glass
Exterminating and you might well find
It's just a matter of time

Around and around and around again
Around and around and around again

... and two advances
Always wailing up the city's found
On solid ground
A broken tree, a bended knee
Forever until the...
Shall turn to clay

Chorus (3x)

Love You

I sometimes misunderstand
Things you say
Lose all since I command
We kill...
Almost drowning

I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you
Oh I love you

Time may tell if I'll entail
Maybe I can hear
Your shout prevail
Or shall they be betrayed

Chorus (2x)

Don't walk away (repeat)


All I ever wanted
Was a chance but you
Are never one to change
All of the excuses
That i've heard from you
Are as tired as they are lame

Cannot rhyme nor reason with
Your actions anymore
Oh i guess I should be leaving
I won't miss you when you're gone

If you care about me
Iike you say you do
Then why are we this way
Care for no one else
Except yourself it's true
No matter what you say


And all those promises you've made
Were never kept
You know you're lyin'
When you say that you forgot
That you'd for - oh
Just go away, just go away



Helpless it may seem
But only in my dreams
These sort of things appear as wished
Untouchable but seen

If only I could touch
To dream is not enough
To realize the evil I can sometimes follow up

Oh I expect a word you say
And then again it's just my way
Something that my heart and I dream
You're the one for me

Walking in the rain
Till the sun comes out again
Future past and present past
Sometime the misty lane

Like a garden grow
Today I'll never know
...poison it
Goodbye I must go

Choru (2x)

You're the one for me

We go down Slowly Rising

I something more that I can say
To change your mind
Suffering in solitude
Get nearer all the time

If i could make it work
If only I could say
If only I could find a way
To tell you

I'm so true
Blind for you
Day and night
A change of season
Dark and bright
A thousand reasons
Give and take and never break
The promises we make whenever

Everything's possible
I think we should try
I wish I were with you tonight
With you tonight
With you tonight
With you tonight

You are my everything
You are my everything
You are my everything
You are my everything*

*repeat and fade with following)

You are my everything
I can't do anything
You are my everything
You are the sun and sky
You are the reason why



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