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Alright Live Primal Scream - Alright - Shepherds Bush Empire - Friday 19 08 2004
Some Velvet Morning Luke Fair Dub
Some Velvet Morning Luke Fair Dub Edit

I hope to keep adding more rare tracks each month.


More coming soon

Sonic Flower Groove Era
"I want to spend my life listening to great record and making great records. The first priority of this group is to make great music, the greatest within our capabilities. I think our LP is brilliant - there's so much in it, different moods and emotions. I'm proud of it"
- Bobby Gillespie

Primal Scream Era
Wasn't there a temptation then introduce a dance element into Primal Scream?
spacer "Absolutely not. We're not that stupid. We couldn't do it if we tried; When white people make dance records they just turn the snare up."
NME interview 5 Aug 1989

Screamadelica Era
"...I think music is magic... magical, in the true sense of the word. Certain pieces of music make me feel strong, protected. It raises... it raises my soul. No, forget that, it protects me from bad feelings. Music protects us in such a powerful way, it makes you aware of possibilities. To alot of people I think music's a commodity, not spiritual. it's something you put on the mantlepiece and it's there, like a set of golfclubs or an ironing board, whereas to us it's a holy thing, and none of us are even religious."
- Bobby Gillespie, NME interview 28 September 1991

"Most bands think in black and white, we think in Technicolour," - Bobby Gillespie, September(?) 1991

Give Out But Don't Give In Era
"The healing power of music is vastly under - estimated,... It's a way to relieve tensions, the get the poisons out of the body. Music is a way to love people, an example of how good we all can be. It's a form of liberation and where there's freedom, there's hope. Our hope is to make strange and beautiful records that take the process one step further."
- Bobby Gillespie

"...Rock'n'roll's saved my life. Jazz has saved my life. Music has saved my life. What would I be if I didn't have music? I've met all my best friends through music, a lot of beautiful cats. It's a great form of communication. It's a great way of getting in touch with other people. It's great to go on stage and see the joy on people's faces and watch them dancing and getting down. Just getting off on it and losing themselves in the whale fucking experience. It's a beautiful thing. I love it, man. It'sexy. Rock'n'roll and sex."
- Bobby Gillespie

Sample Spotting

Inner Flight
Halfway thru Inner Flight there's a sample of the drum solo in 'Gris Gris Gumbo ya ya' by Dr John
Out of the Void
the sitar might be from 'Black Satin' by Miles Davis
Higher than the Sun
Drums are from 'When the levee breaks' by Led Zeppelin
Higher than the Sun
the sitar might be from 'Black Satin' by Miles Davis
the funky guitar in 'Loaded' was from a Meters track
Burning Wheel
might be some weird sample in this song as well

Special thanks to chris@theundergroundlair.

If you know of anymore samples send them to me


If you have any favorite quotes, please send them to me.


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