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Record company Promotional items

UK Promo Items

Screamadelica Lithograph
This was Creation Records limited lithograph for "Screamadelica". It features the album artwork and individually numbered and signed by the artist Paul Cannell, the artist who painted and designed the cover to Screamadelica. Limited to 200 copies. It measures 450mm X 640mm.

promo mug

Screamadelica Coffee Mug
I just recently discovered this item exists. I'm assuming it comes from circa-Screamadelica.

promo model car

Vanishing Point Dodge Challenger Model
This was a Creation Records promo for the "Vanishing Point" Album. I found this picture on ebay

Promo Football helmet
Apparently there was promo football helmet for Kill all Hippies

US Promo Items

promo ice cream

Screamadelica Ice Cream Container
A cool US only promo for "Screamadelica". Inside this "Ben and Jerry's style Ice Cream container was a promo tape of Screamdelica, a Primal Scream button, a package of vitamins. Some came with a condom as well I believe. Other's only came with only the button. I'm not sure if each container's contents is supposed to different, if you know be sure to tell me. I found this picture on ebay

us promo shirt

Come Together T-Shirt
Apparently this was sent to US record stores as a promotional item for Screamadelica. I found this picture and info from a guy selling it on ebay.

rocks candy

"Rocks" Twizzle Candy in Plastic Baggie
A US promo only item for "Give out..." This also I saw on ebay.

JP Promo Items

promo press kit

Give Out but Don't Give up promo press kit
Japan Only promo press kit. Comes with a CD of "Give out but don't Give up" and a Japan promo only compilation called "Souls"

If you know of any others or have pictures of items I don't have shown, please let me know.

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